The year is 2012 AD and we are back in business. Gundam Confessions has been on hiatus for several months, but after a few motivations we have returned to allow fans all around the world to express their pain, their anger, and all of their sorrows.

This blog is devoted to all those fans that want to anonymously express their secrets, confessions, and opinions of the Gundam Universe. Hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer, enjoy!
Hey Followers it’s the Mods letting you guys know that we are still alive. We are just on Spring Break, taking a break from literally everything LOL. That and my internet at home sucks so I can’t browse on the internet anyways. Once break is over we will be sure to get back to work. Here’s a picture for lulz for now.
quintilis asks: Your latest post has a typo - 'peak' instead of 'peek'. Just thought I'd warn you before too many people reblogged. :)

AH! Thank you for catching that, I usually just mindlessly copy and paste the confessions onto the graphic. I will fix this right now. 

— Mod!Vincent

reflexinthepuddle asks: Wallpaper link for that one of amuro, quattro and kamille please? :D

You got it. Here you go!